You are only one step away from your dream!



How do you figure that I am only one step away from my dream?

Sometimes in our fight for existence, we lose sight of our dream.  We are so caught up in our every day, 24/7 life that we have left no time to pursue our dream.  If your dream is important enough why isn't it programmed into your schedule?

If you have never set goals for yourself or even recognised when you have achieved something you have set out to do, then, now is the time to do it.

Taking a leap of faith…

Make a list of achievements.

Make a list of achievements that you have had in your life from a swimming certificate to landing a job.  Nothing should be omitted from this list.  You need to see that you have been very successful in so many areas of your life and it is easy to discount or dismiss because you may not consider them important achievements.

I am here to tell you all achievements in your life are important.  From your first date to getting a driving licence.  Each of these things takes time and effort and there are plenty of obstacles to overcome before you get the reward.

You may have felt that those were things you had to have because everyone else has them and when you have them they don't mean anything?  They mean you are a success!

So now what do you do about your dream?

Climb any mountain.

You take the same steps as you have had for all the other things you have wanted in your life.  Decide what it is that you want and then take the steps to achieve it.

Let's take driving as an example.  You know you need a driving licence so you take lessons to learn how to drive, either through family or a driving school and then when you are competent enough you take the test and maybe you pass first time or the fifth time, no matter you passed!

Set your sights on your goal!

Creating your dream is the same.  Set your sights on your goal and lay out a plan to achieve it.

Failure is a part of succeeding.  You first have to learn the skills which will get you to your goal and this takes time.  There are no short cuts, even though some people may get there faster you will get there when you are at the level you need to be at.

Set realistic goals for yourself  and achievable deadlines.  It's no good saying you want to earn $2,000 a month in the next three months with your own business when you are only earning $1,000 per month in a job which took you 3 years to get.  If you make your goals realistic you will get there quicker and then you can take it to the next level once you have got there.

I hope this has given you enough food for thought and if you have any questions please email me or leave a comment, I will be sure to answer.

Set Realistic Goals
Keep calm and pursue your goals
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