Where will you be 5 years from now?

There are many people wishing they had the time and money to do everything in life and yet spend no time on their future aspirations!  How often do we hear that people struggle to keep their head above water?  They hate the job they are in?

Yet, this is what most people will do until they reach that magical age of retirement!  Why wait for retirement?  Why not get the life you want now?  What is stopping you?

There may be a variety of reasons that stop you from being successful:

Too old
Too young
Too shy
Too busy
Too late
Too tired
Too skinny
Too tall
Too much competition
Too many failures


This list is endless!  The real answer is what if it doesn't work, I've tried before and failed miserably!

Did you know failure doesn't exist…all that exists is you stopped trying and therefore whatever you put your energy into stopped with you.  Many successful people have gone through worse and for a lot longer than most of us are willing to try.

I have run successful businesses and it's a lonely world, the only people who understand me are people who have run a business but they are not my supporters!

So I came across an online business that not only provides training to enable you to have a successful online business but also have a vast network of people who can provide and support you in whatever venture you want to establish!  It is also free for 7 days so that you can work out if this opportunity is for you.  No credit card is required.

When you log in you will receive a welcome message in your email (to read any mail from Wealthy Affiliate you will need to click on the link) from one of the owners, either Kyle or Carson and you will receive an email from me so that if you have any questions I will be there to help you get started.

Click the banner at the top right to get started!


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4 thoughts on “Where will you be 5 years from now?

  1. Wow!! Michael. I came here through your video clip on YouTube. I am soooo very amazed at how you have invested an interested in me. Thank you for telling me about this Wealthy Affiliate Community. They are awesome and the training is second to none.

    There is a little teddy bear there that is to die for.

    1. You are worth your weight in gold Christopher and you will certainly make money with this opportunity! You know how to contact me if you need any help with going forward! Cheers Michael!

  2. Hi Michael

    Five years from now I could be anywhere as our life just seems to be all planned out for us!

    You have some interesting stuff her and I think that your site will do very well

    I would love to see an about me page but may be it is on the way

    best regards


    1. We could be anywhere in five years…but hopefully where we want to end up. The about me page is under privacy policy tab.

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