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All you need to get started in online marketing.

What's in it for you and me?

Online marketing can be your ticket to financial freedom.  If you have the desire and the inclination to do the work this is something you can do from anywhere in the world.

So what is in it for you and me?  For me, I make a small commission from you joining our network and for you, you get top class training on how to build an online marketing business.

Have you ever thought what your life might be like if you were following and working in the areas that bring you the most joy?  Working only on your things instead of other people's things.  Making yourself financially self-sufficient instead of the people you work for?

There is a lot to be said for owning your own business and ruling your own destiny.

Best of all, you don't have to do it alone.  The hardest part of starting any business is having mentor's who can show you the way to do it.

Usually, when you set up a business you are on your own (unless it's a franchise).  It can be very tough without some sort of support.  It's not a case of opening your doors and people will rush in.  It's very much building, in a systematic manner, a business that will provide you with an income for many years to come.

This can be done whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, young or old.  There are no limitations in online marketing, except the ones you put on yourself.

What do I need?

The only requirement to be successful in online marketing is a plan .  The ability to follow directions.  Most obviously, the desire to succeed.

All other skills can be learned.  If you have the willingness to follow directions and put them into action, that is all you really need.

You will learn how to write great content;

How to Write Great Content

How to build a great online business;

Success strategies for success

This is just the beginning that will get you well on your way to your own online business.

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You could wait for your ship to come in.

How long does it take?

This is a hard question to ask.  It's like asking how long does it take to play a guitar?

It all depends on how many hours per week you can dedicate to your business.  How well you implement the advice given.

But usually, you should get results within one – two years.

If you think that is a long time, you will be surprised at how quickly that time will pass.  The major benefit is it will be your business, your income or you can stay in your job for life.

Plus there is no limit to how much you can earn on the internet.  But it does take some training and some time to be successful.

Think of it as getting a degree in your chosen career – so two years is a very short degree course isn't it?

What do I do now?

Of course, I want you to sign up today with me but I also want you to do your own research so that when you do decide to give this a go you are well informed.

You can look for reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and make up your own mind.

Initially, when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I was looking for an investment opportunity.  I got so much more than I expected.  A community of great people ready to help me and with no financial gain for them.

This is an opportunity worthy of your time.

Plus did I mention it's a lot of fun learning from this community?

You are in luck as well because you can sign up for free!  No credit card, just email registration and you can de-register any time you like.

Can I be successful?

Success is only a matter of time and persistence.  It requires for you to be honest with yourself and with your habits.

Everyone wishes they were successful financially but few people follow through on their dreams.

We do all that we can to find a job but very little to create our own wealth.

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Embracing success is a mindset you can develop.

Why is it easier to get a job?

With a job you have either developed the skills or learned them while working.

Running your own business is more or less the same but unlike a job, no one is there to oversee what you do.

The funny thing is, even in a job you have to have an interview and sell yourself to your prospective employer before you can get a job.  Then you have to prove yourself to keep your job.

Online marketing is no different.  Here you selling yourself to your audience and you have to do this consistently every day until you have a profitable business.

Start today and live life the way you want to live your life.

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16 thoughts on “What is in it for you? – Online Marketing

  1. That was really inspiring. Most people just tell you how easy it is. Just click these buttons and the money will start rolling in. No one lays it on the line and reminds you that you have to take a role in your own business. I’ve been down that path believe it or not. Internet marketing is a very feasible opportunity and I believe Wealthy Affiliate provides a very structured and easy to follow path, if like you said, you are willing to follow instructions.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Great post, you really highlight that if you really what to create a business online then you need to turn up and put the effort in. If you really want to earn your own income on your own terms rather than working for a boss or large corporation.

    I have been working with affiliate marketing for nearly two years and it is only now that it is really starting to pay off. I think its important to realise right from the start that although you may look at affiliate marketing as an option to make extra money or achieve financial freedom, you must look at all the achievements you make on the way to success, if you only focus on the money then you’re likely to be disappointed that things might not happen as quickly as you like. Its all about how you think about your journey.
    Stick with it and you will succeed.

    1. Hello Jenny,

      You have the right idea and I am glad you are getting results. I have always thought and seen that the most successful people with online marketing develop their sites over five years and then start making real income.

      Your points are very valid, thanks.


  3. Thanks for posting this article Michael,
    As someone that is always looking for ideas to generate a passive income, I tend to get sucked into the ‘get-rich quick’ schemes.
    I now realise that if I want to build a business online, it’s going to take some time and patience. I never thought about it as a learning experience before. You tend to expect to log in and make money from day one.
    You’ve really opened my eyes. Thanks!


    1. I am glad to have been of help to you Geoff, I know from experience that it does take time but it is always worth it. The journey is better than the destination, trust me.


  4. Hi there Michael! I like the cheerful attitude you are writing. I’m very interested about internet marketing and everyday I learn more and more. Wealthy Affiliate showed me that it is not so hard to understand the basics. Great post you have here and keep up the good work. Cheers!

  5. So true. Most people that want to “work for themselves,” ignore the “work’ part of that equation!

    Since you want to be your own boss, you should put in the kind of effort you would want from any employee you would hire to work for you.

    A lot of us would fire ourselves if we could!

    1. I love your comment and I think there are some people who own their own business who should fire themselves, they would be better off. 🙂

  6. This is a really real article. I like the fact that you kept it simple and real. something that’s really rare in this industry. Most of the time you get a lot of fluff in this business.

    1. I know what you mean, Geek Hibrid, it’s probably because most people want a shortcut. The only people that I know who get shortcuts are already wealthy and don’t need a quick solution anyway. 🙂 Thanks, Michael.

  7. Hi Michael,I realy enjoy these type of articles as I am always trying to eat clean and healthy as I like to run.I always try to eat organically grown foods too but sometimes I eat chemically grown.My question is if you wash your fruit and veg first will this get rid of the chemicals that might be on the veg

    1. Hi Trev, Thanks ror your comment.

      Unfortunately, washing your fruit and veggies doesn’t remove all the chemicals. Also, they absorb the chemicals.



  8. I agree with what you are saying in this article. We get fed so much information from so called experts that it over complicates things so a lot of people never see results they want.

    Keep it simple and find something you enjoy as you have with running and then things will fit into place like you said you wanted more healthier food for example.

    Great article and great site

    1. Thanks, and I agree with you experts do over complicate things and usually not to our benefit.


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