Success is not a pill you pop!

Do you know why I said
success is not a pill you pop?

Because for newcomers who come into the business world they think that if they do a website and a bit of social media their worries will be over.  They have taken the pill of success and it will cure all their money woes!

If only that was the case…we would all be rich and laying on the beach drinking our Pina Coladas…which is perhaps why success is reserved for the few because the last thing on a successful person's mind is laying on the beach!

There are a few things to consider!

If you want to be successful in business be prepared to do the work!  It's no joy ride and you will get very frustrated and angry and wonder why things are not working out as you planned!

Think of Edison's 1,000 attempts at creating a light bulb…if he attempted one experiment every day that would be over two and a half years of abysmal failures!  Waking up every morning to another failed experiment!

It is no different in setting up your own business…you will experience this!

The good news!

Have a plan, one that you can follow without too much stress!  “How do I do that!” you ask…well, first off you need replace your current income for the job you are trying to leave and give yourself at least 1 to 2 years depending on how much time you can dedicate to your business.

              1.  Set yourself a deadline of 2 years from today that you will earn $???,??? per annum.
              2. Work out your niche. (What is it that you want to do? If you are a musician, that is your niche).
              3. Narrow down your niche. (As a musician only focus on Jazz for instance).
              4. Look at websites in your niche and bookmark the ones you like best.
              5. Print out the ones you like the most.
              6. With pen and paper, sketch out your website design, don't copy the other sites just use their ideas!
              7. Get a free website, you can use the one below:

8. Start designing your new website.
9. Write some posts for your website.
10. Market your website.

What you will need to do is click on the button below and go to the sign in page and then, you will have 7 days to build your awesome website!  It won't cost you a dollar!


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4 thoughts on “Success is not a pill you pop!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Many are wanting “overnight” riches without putting in any effort. Could it work? Maybe. But in order to be able to build a sustainable business that will provide a solid income from home is a constant work in progress. When you work from home, you must have a plan and even work harder to avoid the distractions that you will encounter in the home setting.
    You must be dedicated and have both the proper perspective and expectation as to not give up due to results not happening quickly.

  2. I agree! Those looking for a short cut to the bank will be cut off at the pass! As you say in another article, “There is no free lunch”! If you start out with unrealistic expectations and that not much work is involved to be successful, you may have to take a pill to help with your rude awakening!

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