Six Hundred Thousand, 600,000+ people can’t be wrong, can they?

 Wealthy Affiliate has 600,000+ subscribers!

I joined wealthy affiliate a little over 4 months ago and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I have not regretted it!

In the time I have been there I have learned so much about online marketing.  I have learned more in 4 months here than I did for the last 5 years on my own.


People often ask me, is the market saturated.  The simple answer is no.  There are over 2 billion people on the internet at any given time.  The chances of your niche being saturated is very unlikely.  Look at the most popular sites.  They are extremely lucky if they have 2 million followers (which is very rare indeed), which would almost certainly make them multimillionaires, which is still a drop in the ocean and probably not in your niche anyway.

Let me list for you the skills I have picked up over this short time:

   1.  Writing

With the encouragement shown by members of Wealthy Affiliate, I have improved my writing 100 fold.

How has this happened you ask?  It happened because Kyle (the founder) has encouraged its' members' to write one post per day.  Now, I have never written very much over the course of my life.  Why?  Because I hate writing.  It is boring and tedious and who would want to read what I have written?


But because I want to have a successful online business I listened to the experts and started writing.  It is easier to get blood out of a stone than get one paragraph out of me.  So I wrote what I thought would make interesting reading.  As you can guess, maybe 3 people read my first post and less liked it.

This is not very encouraging indeed.  All the experts agree, you have to keep writing whether you like it or not or whether anyone reads it or not.  We all know practice makes perfect.  I am not inclined to agree!

So I keep on writing.  I find out about apps that can correct my badly written English.  Apps that give you a green light when you have written something worthwhile.  So I kept writing.  I am no Hemmingway or Oscar Wilde.

Eventually, my writing takes on its' own style.  I am mainly a light-hearted writer, who will write in a more conversational tone and I tend to be ‘tongue in cheek!'

   2.  Website Design


Then we are told we need to create a website.  So Kyle shows us how to do this in 30 seconds flat!  I took longer, but not that much longer.  The process is easy and anyone can do it.

Coming up with a name is the hardest part and I am not sure I like it.  But, until I become a bit more proficient at this, this one will have to do.

I went through a few themes to see which one would do for my site.  I am not happy with it, but again, when I have some more skills in this area I will change it.


   3. WordPress – the back door.

Now I start to learn how to manipulate my website.  Here is where all the magic happens.  Where Angels fear to tread and where only geeks dare to venture.  Not anymore!  I have learned a few tricks and have been able to create this site with not too much drama.

I am aware that being a ‘free' site it does not have the bells and whistles of those very sophisticated sites you see on the internet.  Still, I have learned enough from this ‘free' site that I am able to take on the ‘paid' sites with  aplomb.

I am in the process of creating a new whizz-bang site promoting my Steampunk.  It will be a few months before it is unleashed onto an unsuspecting public.

The main thing about website building, as with writing, is practice.  With some guidance of course.

   4. Ambassador

When you become a Wealthy Affiliate member, you are encouraged to become an Ambassador.

The way to achieve this is by ‘Paying It Forward'.  It works on the principle of helping each other achieve each other's goals.

Help with anyone's questions if that is your area of expertise.  The range of experience is enormous, as you can tell by the huge amount of subscribers here.

Give feedback to enable a person to improve their website.  Help train new people to achieve their goals.  Everything is done in a very friendly atmosphere.  In the beginning, you may have nothing to offer and that is okay.

Grow with the knowledge and training you will receive as a free member.

As an Ambassador you will have the satisfaction that not only have you helped people along the way to financial freedom, but you will have been helped yourself.

   5. Niche

This is where you find out what your passion is or what you are good at.  A place in the market where you can sell your services or products.

There are so many avenues here and if you get stuck and can't think of anything, members will give you many choices of niches to choose from to get you started

   6. Affiliate Marketing


This is how you monetise your site to earn an income.

You will find in almost any endeavour you undertake there will be an affiliate company needing your services to promote their wares and for that, you will earn a small commission.

There is an art to making this work and in Wealthy Affiliate you will find a wealth of information and advice on how to make this work for you.

At the end of the day.

The first step is always the hardest, but once taken, it is hard to go back.  The idea of financial freedom doing what you love to do and in your own time is very enticing.  Plus, you can do this anywhere, the scope is enormous.  You can do this in any country that has an internet connection.

I wish you well and that you become successful.




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2 thoughts on “Six Hundred Thousand, 600,000+ people can’t be wrong, can they?

  1. Hi Michael

    Well, I certainly enjoyed reading what you have written here and if you said you were a pro I would believe you 🙂

    Noticed that whenever you reach out to help someone or intend to teach them something, generally you will learn a valuable lesson yourself.
    I have not been on WA for very long and already learned so many valuable skills (as you mention in your post). It is VERY exciting! I never thought I would be able to build a website but with the help of Kyle and the support on WA you can’t go wrong it seems if you do the work.

    Wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks, Kamil, I really appreciate your comment and am glad that you are getting a lot out of Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to your growth there. Cheers, Michael

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