Scams Online

Scams online are designed to trick you!

Scams online are designed to trick you into revealing your personal information or solicit money from you. The way they do this is by creating a creditable website that offers you ways to improve your life. It could be an investment opportunity, a dating service, advertising, in fact, you name it, there will be a scam!


Sometimes it’s very hard to know if something is a scam because the scammers are getting very clever with their marketing techniques and when you think you have it figured out they put up another one that is better than the previous one, because, like anyone else they get better at it.

Phone call scams can be the most intimidating and sound like they are legitimate.  Anyone asking for personal information over the phone should be avoided at all costs.

Why scam?

Why scam? For the scammer it’s ‘free’ money…..what they don’t see is with the amount of time and energy they put into their scams they could make their money legitimately.

Scams are not just the domain of the internet, they are also found via emails, like security questions, or your account has been closed or we have found your friend, again these can be so varied that it seems like it is impossible to not get scammed.

I will get to that in another post.

Who will they target?

Their best targets are the casual internet user or the not so techie minded person…mainly inexperienced people fall for their traps.

Some scams can be via phone……a call from the tax office proclaiming you owe them some outstanding tax or you have inherited some money, again it could be a variety of things.   You might even get a call from some computer company who tells you that there is a glitch in your online service and if you give them access to your computer they will sort it out!  Never allow anyone to remotely control your computer because even if it works they will be able to log on anytime they want to.  This should only done by a tech you know and trust.

The phone calls always seem to be a computerised call with a robotic voice at the other end with a phone number you need to call to get your records set straight.  DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER!  First check with the department they purport to be from and check that the call is legitimate, otherwise you will be in for a nasty surprise when you give them any of your personal details… very wary of any phone call from some supposed authority.  If in doubt, always google it or talk to a tech savvy member of your family

Not all scams are equal!

Some scams may only ask for $2 registration fee or some might say if you don’t pay a certain amount you will be blacklisted and banned from the internet. Some will say free but you put in your credit card details and then they remove money from your account.

Scam reviews!

Here is another area you can be trapped with scam reviews.  The scammers put up what looks like a legitimate review of their scamming website and rate it highly against a few others and you think you are getting an unbiased review of a site that purports you can make vast amounts of money with little or no work.

Anyone who tells you, you can make money without effort is playing with you.  Every online venture requires a lot of hard consistent work, otherwise it doesn't stand a chance of succeeding in the online world.

Online Marketing

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