My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Education for online marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

My overall ranking: 93/100
Price: $0 (Join Here) (First seven days free) then $19 for your first month. $359/year (Join Here)
Owners:  Kyle and Carson
Website: Wealthy


I have been involved with Wealthy Affiliate for  8 months (to December 2016) and have found the site to deliver on all its' promises.

They provide a very intensive training course which takes you from the very basics of online marketing to becoming an expert in the field.

You can choose between their Certification course or affiliate BootCamp.

As a starter member,  you get to host 2 free websites as well as 2 training classes, phase 1 of the BootCamp, 1-on-1 coaching for the first 7 days and you can earn while you learn.  As a premium member, you get to host  50 websites, full access to all the training.  As a premium member,  you will not have any other expenses from Wealthy Affiliate.  This is the best news as most other sites want to pay more to get supposedly better training.  At WA you get all the training you need plus access to many experts in the field.

If you are a complete beginner and want to get ahead in the world of online marketing you would probably do well starting with the BootCamp because here your niche is sorted for you.

If you are a little bit experienced (you don't have to be). you might start with the Certification course.  This is where you will work out your own niche.

You will also learn how to build your very first website.  Building a website on WA is very quick and easy.  You won't find anything like it anywhere else.  Imagine being able to build a website in 30 seconds.


A spam free environment
All the training you need to be successful online
Video training, tutorial training and courses
Tasks are given to make sure you understand the training
Over 600,000 members
One on one coaching
Access to experts (no added cost)
24/7 access
Very helpful people on WA
State of the art hosting


A lot of information to absorb can be overwhelming
It is fun but can be distracting
A lot of choices


This training/site if good for beginners through to advanced, there is something for anyone who wants a successful online business.  In fact the experienced people who sign up and have been doing it tough are surprised as how much they learn within a few weeks.

So as you can see the training is offered in many different formats.  The biggest perk is you have access to all of these tools.

The founders take the time to answer your personal questions.  Who does that in this day and age?

They have a great system of Pay It Foward which gives everyone the opportunity to succeed.


WA has site support so if something doesn't work on your WA hosted website they will either fix it for you or show you how it can be fixed.  This alone is worth the price of the membership.


The first 7 days are free and your first month's membership is $19.  By then you will know whether you want to continue.  You will have learned some very valuable information to start your new business

Last words:

I care about people who join and will always be available to answer any questions you might have.

When you join for free, I will be in contact with a message on your profile so that should you have any questions you will already have access to me.  Kyle will send you his personal welcome message with relevant information once you have filled out your profile.  You can quit at any time or shout at me if you think I have misled you.  (Join Here)



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4 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Education for online marketing

  1. I do like the way they offer their free starter package, this got me inspired to join in addition to the 800,000 members and 98% review rate.
    This try before you buy approach gives you a clear understanding to what’s involved regarding affiliate marketing, building a website and running an online business.
    It also gives you the chance to fully inspect Wealthy Affiliate legitimacy credentials too as there’s far too many scams littering the web.
    Needless to say, I joined premium and slowly working my way through their program,
    Great review,

    1. I am glad you are on board with WA. This is what is so exciting, the kind of people WA attracts is awesome. Thanks for your comments and compliment Simon. Regards, Michael.

  2. Thank you for the concise review. It really helps one make a quick decision. How difficult is it to set up a website? I’ve tried many platforms and haven’t found anything that streamlines the site-building process.

    1. You are right, even on the easiest platforms it takes quite a while to set up a website and yet on WA this can be done in 30 seconds. Thanks for your comment.

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