Life is a merry-go-round!

We often hear how as a race we are evolving and then we find out the Egyptians were far more advanced.  Then we are told we evolved from apes but we can't find the genetic links to connect us.  Then there is a civilisation that predates the earliest cave man.

So are we going round in circles?


Why is evolution so important?  What is the significance to our lives?  Is there a goal for human existence?

On the face of it, it seems as though there is no purpose.  We are born, we live, we die and leave behind others to take over.  We eat, we love, we sleep, we try to eke out a living and do what everyone else is doing, try to live a comfortable life.

But hold on!

What about religion?  Most proponents of religious life point to a better life, a state of heaven if we do the right thing.  So what does that mean?  We live a more comfortable life?  We have more things?  Do we still question what life is about in this state of bliss?  Or do we not question because everything is laid on for us?

What is the point of living in bliss?  There are people who take drugs for that very reason, for that experience of bliss without suffering.   So is the point of life to live in a trance?

This is my viewpoint, take it or leave it…

I do believe the purpose in life is to aspire to higher understanding.  To gain knowledge which is not currently available to everyone.  To grow to a state of, dare I say it, God?  If everything is God's creation then are we not God?  Because if we are created by something else, who is this something else?  Would that make God less omnipotent?  Not the almighty we are lead to believe?


I think we are intrinsically connected to God, the universe and there is no separation.  We perceive separation because of ignorance, that we are separate from our maker?  How is this possible, God made us and the substance of which we are made is God.  Have we forgotten and the truth is somehow God is lost?  God is looking for God and not doing very well at it?

The answer lies within?

Because we are so involved in life and living it is not possible to give this much thought.  If you are starving, the first thing you have to think about is food.  If you are poor, earning money is foremost on your mind.  There will always be the next desire which will lead you away from seeking your inherent birthright.

Stilling the mind to experience yourself in its' natural state without any outside influence is the goal of every aspirant of knowledge.  In the end, knowledge is not the goal, but the lack of it, the absence of it will set you free.



Have you ever wondered why it's possible that a person towards the end of their lives forget things, things that seemed so important now have no meaning.  I am not talking about Alzheimer's.  I am talking about the next stage of existence where desires are not the ultimate goal but unity with nature, the universe, God.  Final understanding of our connection with the whole of creation.

I wish you well and I am not publicising this post, these are the ramblings of my mind.  Shakespeare may have said:  All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.   I say, we are in a film which has already been played and we have somehow chosen the part we want to play in it and will do so until we have played all parts in the movie we have created!  Time does not exist, it is a reference point for us to put perspective into the things we do.   When we are young time goes so slowly, when will we be a teenager?  When will we be an adult?  Later, how young do I look?  See I can still run!


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