Is Jim Cockrum a Scam? – Jim Cockrum coaching reviews

Is Jim Cockrum a scam?

What, if anything, does Jim Cockrum offer?

I listened to an interview between Jim Cockrum and Danni Ackerman.

Jim Cockrum on YouTube
Jim Cockrum's YouTube channel.
Danni Ackerman on YouTube
Danni Ackerman's YouTube

On Danni Ackerman's YouTube broadcast: Live Interview with Jim Cockrum – Ask Him Anything!

I was told, rather excitedly by a dear friend of mine, Greg Montgomery, that I should see what this guy has to say as he was thinking of buying his course.

So I thought I had better listen to this interview and Greg also mentioned Jim Cockrum's book, Silent Sales Machine on Amazon for the princely sum of $5.20 USD.

Jim Cockrum Silent Sales Machine
Jim's advice on online marketing for $5.20 on Kindle.

Coming back to the video interview, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not your usual hype, plenty of common sense and I really appreciate that what we have here is a man with a good conscience.

It is so easy for people to be caught up in the hunt for the mighty dollar, trampling everyone who gets in their way.  Scrambling because they are desperate.

Here we have a man saying “slow down” you'll get there – or words to that effect.

There are also consequences to actions we take and if you are taking people for a ride then you won't last long and you will suffer in the end.  He is all about treating people well.  This has always been my philosophy as you can tell by my posts.  I am not interested in people who are in for a quick buck.

Sorry I digress.  In the interview, he talks wholeheartedly about partnerships and finding people who can do menial tasks to free up your time.  Paying people to do other tasks that would otherwise slow you down by people who are not interested in being entrepreneurs.

I didn't find the interview very informative for me but I got the essence of what he was saying so I went ahead and bought his book:  Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum.

The book is impressive

In his book, he covers a very broad range of topics and any of his ideas are workable.  I do get that he gives a lot of his IP away freely.  I have been an advocate of sharing, we are all here to help each other have a better life on this planet, no one has to suffer if we all got behind this.

He starts off with who should read his book and that he is about multiple streams of income.  Throughout his book are links to blogs he has written on a variety of subjects otherwise this book would have been a lot thicker.  It took me about 3 hours to read in one sitting.

Reading his book, he says, it could render you certifiably unemployable as you will find nothing more enjoyable than what he is about to teach you.  It's all about hands-free income.

As all online marketers, he talks about residual income.  By setting up income streams as a strategy to free up your time.

Find Your Audience

His focus is on FYA (Find Your Audience) this is where you will find people who have already a large email list and creating partnerships with them.  Go where the traffic is already gathered.

This is my story, not Jim's.  When I owned a printing business back in the 80's my focus was purely that.  I only printed for people who were into self-improvement, travel and consulting.  You wouldn't know my business existed unless I contacted you.  The advantages are you only print for people who align with your morals and ethics.

The other thing I like about Jim's strategy is treating people with respect.  This is so rare in sales and marketing.  It's always a numbers game so we are lead to believe.  I have always thought treat your customer's as your BFF.  If you can't do that then you really shouldn't be in business, in my opinion.

He also wants to take you step by step through the process he has developed and doesn't want you to ‘skip' ahead in his book.

At the end of each chapter, he wants to make sure you've understood what he has written before you move on.

Consult – Expand – Sell

CES is his mantra here.  Consult by helping other business owners online.  Expand by finding a profitable niche market. Sell stuff – pretty self-explanatory.

I can only cover parts of this book so you will need to read it to find out how he applies these strategies.

Do only the jobs you can do

In other words, outsource anything you are not really needed to do like packing boxes, writing content etc.  Even outsourcing to the Philipines where the labour is very cheap.

Jim talks about “making your business transportable so that a new owner could buy and take over the business if it ever became necessary or desirable”.

The structure he talks about reminds me of how IBM was set up by Charles Ranlett Flint who planned on creating a corporate company that had departments to run different parts of his business.  The only difference is that he had to employ his people whereas on the internet it's easier to contract people.

Also, Henry Ford had the same idea where he realised he didn't need the expertise he just needed to employ people who had the expertise.

So these ideas are not original with Jim but he has used the internet to do virtually the same things as these greats have done with the resources available at the time.

So the upshot is, in Jim's words “People with SKILLS work for people with IDEAS.  Be an idea person”.


He goes through many ideas of outsourcing so that you can free up your time.  Time is the most valuable commodity you have, and I agree with him here.  How do you put a price on your time?

One of the main ideas here is finding your best sources of traffic and where they are gathered.

Where is the money coming from?

His main sources of income are eBay and Amazon so this will be foremost in his training.

What I do like is he is not into selling junk which most ‘guru's' tell you.  He is very much into selling your own products if you can.

The beauty of it is he talks about showing people how you make ‘your products' so you can sell the instructions online.

Why this is good is because it takes the pressure off of you in manufacturing and for the people who can't be bothered making your product they can still buy it from you but at a higher premium.

This is also your niche.  (Niche for those who may be confused is a corner of the market.  If you are in the car market your niche may be car seat covers).

He is also about finding niche products to sell and how to find them.

He also advocates not creating a website and trying to sell your products there but going where your customers are already gathering on Amazon and eBay.  A very smart idea.  Don't try to drag traffic to you go where the traffic is already looking (FYA).

Finding Partners

Here he is not talking about friends, family and colleagues but owners of large customer bases in your niche who he refers to as “gatekeepers” (You'll need to read up on that one)

Customers for your niche are already hanging out on blogs, websites and discussion forums.  Go find them or hire someone to find them for you (outsourcing).

How you attract them to you so they will let you use their customer base is by making useful comments on their blog posts, send them useful content.   Also find out who runs that particular media outlet and make direct contact, it could be mutually beneficial.

In other words, develop relationships with these people and you can both benefit from the experience.  Our tendency is thinking that it's all about me, me, me, me etc but in reality, we need to think in terms of what can we offer them.

“Don't engage in a partnership with anyone who treats their community abusively”.  Here I am in total agreement with Jim which is why I have always said treat everyone as your BFF.  It works far more in your favour than mistrust.

“ONLY choose partners with integrity”. Another quote I totally agree with.

Other media

Using YouTube, Podcasts and live interviews to increase your credibility and increasing your audience.  There is more information on this in his book.

Websites – No – No

He is not an advocate for you to build a website, especially not for beginners.  Here I feel a little differently because I have a background in printing and graphic arts.  I actually enjoy setting up my own website, it's the artist in me and there is a place where you can set one up in 30 seconds: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds.

Also, we are a beginner at everything we start, including his system.

I would suggest you read his book as there is plenty more he covers.  In the end, you can decide whether to buy his course which is quite cheap I might add or use the ideas in his book and do it on your own.

Plenty of free information

Even though he charges for his course he also has given a lot of useful information away for free like how to build an email list.

The only additional cost is if you want ‘one on one' training then it is going to cost extra but he promises success so it will be money well spent.

Certainly, he is not saying that you should only listen to him, look everywhere because different people offer different solutions and you can even learn from scammers on what not to do if you want a lasting business.

I thought I was pretty negative about online marketing gurus but read his blog on the subject:  How to be a Rich Internet Marketing Guru in 4 Simple Steps.

My recommendation

So my overall thought is that Jim Cockrum is definitely worth checking out and if you have been looking for ways to make a residual income then this may be for you.  But there are costs involved in setting up and running with his system.

I am with Wealthy Affiliate who in my opinion are also doing a great job and also everyone has access to the founders Kyle and Carson who will answer all queries personally if the community can't answer them.

Kyle and Carson actually answer all emails themselves and don't outsource this even though they have nearly one million people signed up to their program.

They also have 7 free days so you can check out what they offer and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg if you decide to stay.

Wealthy Affiliate is for those people who do want a website and would enjoy being creative with their time as well as earn an income:  You can check them out here and like Jim's site you will need to sign in:  Wealthy Affiliate 7-day free trial.

Now if you want to read about an online ‘Guru' here is one about Adrian Morrison:  Is Adrian Morrison a Scam?  A direct contrast to Jim Cockrum.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or points you'd like to make, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Is Jim Cockrum a Scam? – Jim Cockrum coaching reviews

  1. I haven’t really heard of the guy, but judging by your description he’s definitely someone I would be checking out in the very near future!

    His approach seems to be simple in nature, yet very valuable when you think about it.

    Good job on introducing me to him!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. It’s not easy finding someone who actually has your interests at heart. Plus he seems to be honest and not full of BS like some ‘gurus’ out there.

      Thanks, Vlad.

  2. After watching some of his YouTube interviews and reading his book, “Silent Sales Machine,” I find much value in what he has written. His philosophies are aligned with good character. With everything I have read so far, Jim has stayed true to these values without compromise. Another great aspect of Jim is that he does not endorse or release any information about any profit system until he tries it and makes a profit from it himself.
    From what I have seen so far, Jim’s training program is a one time fee with the offer of recommended tools (not necessary to buy).
    I’m thinking this would be a good tandem to Wealthy Affiliate from which I am a member too.

    1. I am glad that you brought Jim Cockrum to my attention, Greg. I agree with you totally and it can work in tandem with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s so refreshing to find someone who thinks like us and has proven you don’t have to be a ‘shonk’ to make it in online marketing.


  3. Thanks very much for producing this review…
    By the sounds of it, Jim Cockrum is a person whose knowledge and wisdom I need to find out more about…we are on the same wavelength.
    His concept sounds very much like where my own thoughts have been for quite some time!
    I’m off to buy the book!
    Thanks again for publishing this post…
    All the best…
    Stephen Edgar

    1. Thanks, Stephen, I will get a 3 cent commission on that purchase minus tax. Seriously, this is a person to watch and I do hope that after you read his book and apply his methods it will have been worth it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate that.


  4. Hi Michael

    Jim Cockrum does have some good ideas but like you I wouldn’t agree with him concerning not having a website, as I think it’s vital to have a website to conduct your business through.

    He does make some good points on outsourcing which I think is fine for menial time consuming jobs but I wouldn’t outsource writing content for my site as I think it’s best for a website owner to write their own content.

    I think his ideas on finding partners is good as I think it’s a good idea to get to know your competition and develop a relationship with them where you can share ideas and even do guest posts where possible.

    He does seem worth checking out as looks to be very open and transparent and doesn’t charge too much for his book, so thanks for the review on him.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Adrian, you have some very valid points here. Possibly with the content writing if you have the ideas a good writer will do the research and put together the content but you can still tweak it because you have the final say. Especially as charges so little although he does say you can get it cheaper in the Philipines.


  5. Sounds like a very interesting marketing read – I’m especially interested in the Find Your Audience section where you latch on to people who are already successful in email marketing – I can imagine that this is a very powerful move (if you can pull it off!).
    How long has Jim been involved in marketing and is this his first book?

    1. As far as I am aware, he has been doing this for over 10 years and I am not sure if he has written other books. I guess it would be easy enough to check on Amazon.

      Thanks for taking time out to read this.


  6. I’m always looking for learning opportunities online and ways to improve my life and bank balance. I came across your post in one of my regular searches and got interested.

    It is unusual for a sales video not to be full of hype and someone saying to slow down. It’s usually the opposite; promises of quick riches.

    After reading your review I’m extra interested. Jim Cockrum makes a lot of sense.

  7. Jim Cockrum is NOT a scam. I was part of his membership for over 10 years. He has real ways of making money. The support forum is full of many experienced people who can all help guid you.

    I learned a few things from Jim that has made me over $400k over the last 8 years so i know he is for real.

    1. I got that Jim is one of the few people who really has concerns for his followers. I bought his course and am now working through it, he has very sound ideas.

      Thanks for your insight,


  8. Somebody who I’ve never heard of so I couldn’t judge. Very in depth article. Its hard to know who to trust online as literally a lot of people just want your cash. I used to be friends with a guy doing a ponzi scheme we even spoke in live chat.

    Its really hard, not easy to find genuine people who have good intentions at heart.

    Best of luck! 🙂

    1. Too true, Trevor. Even the ones you can trust are still going to cost you money. Jim Cockrum’s courses are only a guide and then you still have to invest in products on top of that.

      This is the cost of doing business, it is never free. Luckily with online marketing the costs are low but if one doesn’t have the time and money to invest it’s going to be a very long road.


  9. Hi, I saw your site and (not sure how this works I am a newbie here on WA) but the layout and the comments were good, the images quite large, how does this relate to mobiles when your site is accessed through a mobile? that was my only concern. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Danny. The site is optimised for mobile devices and looks good. You can check it out for yourself by typing; into your mobile device search bar and see for yourself. If you do, I would love some feedback on your thoughts.



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