Is Adrian Morrison a Scam? – How can you tell if he is a scam?

Is Adrian Morrison a Scam?

My impressions of a multi-millionaire

So there I was quietly minding my own business and I receive this email in my inbox.  He also sends messages to my phone, how nice.

Anthony Morrison
His email to me.

As you can see it's very personal I have often been called ‘Hey'.  In fact, so many people know my name and I don't know how they got it because I am a very quiet and private person. (Just kidding, I wrote this post didn't I?).

Plus he is giving away huge cash prizes (figure not disclosed but if it's anything like what he is selling I am not really interested, oooh, did I give the game away?)

He also says that using his method you will even survive a recession.

So is this the New Shiny Object you have been waiting for?

Adrian Morrison
A screen shot of Adrian Morrison

So I wait anxiously on my iPhone and watch the clock ticking off the minutes before he goes ‘live'.

I'm sorry but as soon as I see him my first thought, this thing is not ‘live' it is a workshop that he probably did some time ago and is now airing it ‘live'.  Still, I could be wrong.

Now, just so you know I am not a big fan of ‘motivational' speakers because although they can make you feel good they cannot take you down their path.  You will see why as you go through my post.

Just a few fun things first before I go into detail.

He loves to treat people like idiots or cattle (I'm not sure which)  You know what teacher's do at school to get kids to behave?

Put your hands on your head, put your hands in your pockets, now turn around (This is what teacher's use to keep children quiet and I am not an advocate of those techniques either if you are an interesting teacher children listen and of course they have lots of energy).

I am not saying that he isn't earnest, I am just not a fan of his technique, but I understand why he does it BIG TIME!

His technique is getting people to agree with him until by the end you are brainwashed into thinking “Yes, I am going to be rich like him!”

So he uses phrases like;

How many of you want to make money now?  (Dumb question, it's why people are here isn't it?)
How many people would like to have a business like this? ( ditto)
Write that down…(notes that appear on the screen, pointless points in my opinion)
Write this down…(notes that appear on the screen, pointless points in my opinion)

…and finishes with;

Press yes ( I am assuming there is only a ‘yes' button in front of people), do what you gotta do to let me know, put your hand up, jump out of your seat.  Let me know how excited you are. (Paraphrasing him).

So far you have learned nothing but let's give the guy a chance, after all, we are all putting our hands up, jumping out of our seats, hitting that ‘yes' button (I don't have a yes button on my phone). (You have got to be kidding, I stopped doing that in kindergarten!).

I know it's good if you are pumped and excited.  Well, without this excitement you are not going to make it in business, are you?  Of course, you are but it takes dedication and it's not as easy as he makes out and I will tell you why.

Why do they always make generalisations(pun intended) like;  Nobody cares what you think.  (Nobody, really?)  Stupid statements like: Go broad or go home – Adrian Morrison.  I know I do but then again I don't have millions of followers.

This isn't all bad, though.

I thought I better throw this in because I don't want you thinking it's all bad.  He does make some valid points and if you have been in or owned a business you will know this.

1. Massive Action:

His first real point (after heaps of waffle and endless innuendos) is to take massive action.  Here I agree as anyone in business knows there is no shortcut to wealth.

What he doesn't point out, though, (sorry this bit is not as positive as I would like) is that massive action also requires massive hours.  That's right if you are not putting in the hours then you are not taking massive action.

It almost sounds like just doing something on the internet is taking massive action.  Even though there may be over 3 billion people on the internet at any one time, trust me, they are not looking at what you have to offer.

2. Sell few products

He has a very good point here.  Don't overdo it.  Just find trending products and sell them.  How do you find trending products?  He has that covered with his own software and he is offering it free in his eCom Success Academy.  But don't go rushing off just yet because I am sure to join his success academy there are costs involved.

3.You need a mentor

Here I agree, you do need someone to hold your hand but no matter how good a mentor you have, you have to do the work.  The mentor does not do the work for you.

This is going to cost because mentor's want to be paid for their services.  (Funny that)  All that ‘free' stuff, forget it, you are going to be paying for it, trust me.

If you don't have good habits and you are not prepared to put the hours in you are not going to make it in business.

4. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is the new ‘buzzword' of all gurus now.  He's got that right.  Quick rich schemes do not exist.  No matter how many shiny objects are put in your way you will not make it without effort, consistency and sometimes your hard earned money

If what I am saying is making you feel tired already then I guess you are not ready for online marketing.

Funny thing is after he says all this he shows videos of his ‘students' who then tell us how much money they have made from using his system.

If we are to believe them, they got rich quick!  Do you see the irony in all this?

Drop Shipping, Shopify and Facebook.

Then comes the big sell on Shopify and facebook.  Now I don't know if he gets paid by them to name those companies in his workshop but they do have a vested interest in him he is one of their best customers so I am led to believe.

I am not saying that you can't make money on these platforms either but I am a bit suspicious when all other avenues are ignored.

I am not going to go into this territory it is fraught with danger.

Looking at the reviews

I had a look at some reviews.  (I always recommend that if you are going to involve yourself in something always check out the reviews on what you are looking at but also be careful there because some reviews are scams in themselves, look at lots and lots of reviews)

I didn't see one decent review on him so I couldn't make a decision there.  When I say decent, I mean I didn't think the reviews were very good in my mind, most were plugging there own wares, frantically I might add.


This is what he calls the sizzle factor.  People go crazy when they see things for free.  I guess we really are cattle then?

So I gather a lot of his products are free and you just pay the shipping costs.  If you get 10 ‘free' items you pay the shipping on all of them.  He makes his money on the shipping costs.

If you know what's trending, apparently, you can make millions of dollars.

But hold your horses there, you will still need 1,000's or 1,000,000's of people going to your shop to make the kind of money he is talking about.

My problem with this is that millions of tonnes of useless products, that will end up in your bin, will end up in land fill three weeks later I am betting or worse still in the sea.  Is there no end to this?

There is more to this

At this point, I decided to stop watching his ‘live' workshop because I will not be paying to join his many millions of followers of which a few make it rich because I would rather be Elon Musk.

Andrew Morrison Instructs
His other email to me.

After the seminar, I receive his self-congratulatory email and he has instructed his ‘team' to put a replay of our (I thought it was him) event online.  Even his staff are cattle (sorry I seem to be using that a lot) he can't even name them,  give them some credit?  For putting up with him?  Of course, he did mention that ‘nobody' cares what you think.

Thanks for reading this and my conclusion is, and I haven't read everything about him, is that although he is making it big time I don't think the average Joe Blow is going to make it with his system.

I believe you need a good mentor but be careful who you choose.  Have a great day, folks.

Here, in contrast, is a story about Jim Cockrum: Is Jim Cockrum a Scam.  If you have any questions or points to make let me know in the comments. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Is Adrian Morrison a Scam? – How can you tell if he is a scam?

  1. Very good. Fair, Balanced, Honest. I love your style of writing and your viewpoint from the perspective of a Michael of experience having actually reviewed the individual with an open mind. Thank God for you and others like you that are ready to give an account of your time in order to spare the masses from reinventing a wheel that doesn’t QUITE roll.

    I love the way you made your presentation without reservation or apology.

    1. LOL! Thanks for that, you mean you know my name is not hey? Thanks for a great and honest comment it is very much appreciated.

  2. This sounds very much like the old Gurus sales pitch from a different angle, I don’t know who this guy is or what he’s selling, probably his selling technique. Your description was spot on. If more people were as suspicious as you and I this poor guru would not be able to find anyone to peddle his wares to.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kenneth. It makes it harder for those of us who are running a good business and do want people to be free of poverty but have to come up against these ‘gurus’

  3. This is typical Chris. For these sort of things you have a few “plants in the audience that are called on by name as success stories. I was at one once about real estate and after information was doled out in drips and drabs I noticed as expected certain people filling chairs in the back of the room
    When he stopped . The stampede push to urgency was dropped and there was a furniture breaking rush of the suckers to be the first to the back of the room to get signed up and drop whatever the charge was to get started!

  4. I must admit I am not a big fan of these said Gurus preaching to people on how to make money online.

    I see through most of them pretty fast these days to be honest. This is probably due to me being stung in the past. Guard is up 🙂

    The thing is, some of them are damn good at luring you in. Like you say with this guy, the body language, the speech, the way he gets you to interact all lead to people hitting the Yes button at the end.

    In my opinion, those offering a solid and sound service do not need all the hype. If they need to go to the extents to try and lure people, they are probably not worth it!

    On saying that I am grateful for the information. I have never heard of this one before, so it is another to my list of where not to go 🙂

    Many thanks


    1. I really appreciate your in depth comment and agree they are getting very clever and even though per se they are not scammers they are in my opinion much more dangerous because they can keep dangling their carrot in front of these poor souls. But having said that some do make money but at what cost?

  5. I can definitely say through my experience of webcasts and live presentations, it seems like they all use the same “playbook.” I figure it to be along the lines of pay your money to get in the starting gate and once everyone is in, the bell goes off and the gates open to a cliff’s edge.

    The only way to become successful is to work for it. There are no “shiny things” and there is no overnight riches, unless luck finds you in the casino or a lottery.

    Great article Michael.

    There are so many out there that are so willing to believe, or to trust someone to lead the way to overnight success, as to be considered “lambs for the slaughter” to these “Rhinestone Wolves.”

    1. I agree with you Gregory. I understand they (motivational speakers)need to make money but at what cost to the environment? I wouldn’t mind so much if what he was selling was useful or helped someone in need but the examples he showed was junk.

      Anyway enough ranting, but I think gambling is looking good at the moment, lol !

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article and commenting.

  6. Hi there Michael…
    Fantastic article…
    I think you have got this guy pretty much summed up…
    There’s more people than you can poke a stick at, like Adrian Morrison, out there, including his brother Anthony, who are touting their get rich quick schemes and raking in a lot of USD’s!
    Everything seems to be set up on autopilot, and as you have quite rightly pointed out, there’s a lot of HYPE!
    I have kept an eye on both Adrian & Anthony Morrison for a long time now…the only thing which I rate as 10/10 is the consistency and the huge amount of number of emails I get from both these boys! They share our email addresses with each other…
    My suggestion to everyone…monitor everybody for at least 3 and up to 6 months before you part with your hard earned cash!
    There’s my 2 bob’s worth for what it’s worth!

    1. Thanks, Stephen, for making an informed comment as you have obviously had some experience with him and his brother, whom I have not had the pleasure.

      Monitoring is a very good piece of advice but I do know that people think if they don’t jump into their ‘new shiny object’ immediately they are going to miss out. Impending doom is a tool used by most marketer’s “This offer is only available for 2 more days” so one has to act quickly. But these offers come around so often by so many companies that monitoring is a great idea, thanks!

      Your advice might save everyone more than 2 bob.

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