Information overload…



At some point, you are going to feel  the effects of information overload!

If you have spent any amount of time on the internet, there comes a time when all this is too much.  You have all the answers at your fingertips but, in reality, you don't have the answers to anything, do you?

This is when everything we do seems to turn to ashes.  You can't understand that will all these tools at your disposal why you are not getting ahead.

I have some answers for you…

Stop!  Stop what you are doing and take a break.  Go for a walk, watch a movie, visit friends and family, whatever you are doing, stop doing that which is giving you anguish.

After you have taken that break, for a few hours, it's now time to get your thoughts in order.

I want to steer you away from multi-tasking, because, that is like doing too many jobs at once and each not too effectively.  Then you end up with a lot of unfinished work which will make you more frustrated.

Get clear…


Start to understand that to be effective requires you to cut down your work, not do more of it.  What do I mean by cut down your work?  Doesn't that mean I will get less done?

On the contrary, you will get more done and be more effective.

Focus on one thing at a time.  This is where you will get more done.  Work out what is really important to you and do only that one thing.  It could be reading a book, it could be researching a niche, it could be writing a post, you get the idea.

Whatever the task, only do one task and finish it.  You will feel more fulfilled, you will get more done than you could possibly believe and your life will take on some order.  Do not have a lot of small unfinished tasks.

To do one task and do it well so that you do not have to come back to it.  You will be surprised at how many tasks you will get done and how elated you will feel.

Remember one task at a time gets the job done!

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