How to write catchy headlines!

Writing catchy headlines doesn't have to be hard.

You've seen them used in ads: One neat trick that will get rid of fat, or what this girl did next will shock you.

We are very curious as human beings, you only have to drive passed a car accident to see people craning their necks as they drive passed to see what happened.

So how do you get people crane their necks to look at what you have to offer?

Create attention grabbing headlines.  Pose a question, create a scene or show a thought provoking picture.

10 Catchy headlines you can use with my permission:

  1. Are you still waiting for your ship to come in? (Financial solution)
  2. Where would you rather be? (Travel solution)
  3. How to increase your IQ in 10 easy steps! (Tutorial solution)
  4. 10 Tricks to lose that fat (Health solution)
  5. How you can be successful from one neat idea (Business solution)
  6. One line that will make her love you (Relationship solution)
  7. When you click this link your life will change (Philosophical solution)
  8.  The secret to a happy and fulfilling life (Counselling solution)
  9. Where to find your dream job (Employment solution)
  10. How winners win (Sports solution or business solution)

This is only a starter for you, now you need to write content.

You can read this article I created so you can get an idea on how SEO's and algorithms work in easy layman terms:



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2 thoughts on “How to write catchy headlines!

  1. Thanks so much for the ideas about how to create catchy headlines. This is so useful to those of us who need to keep on creating new posts for our own sites – I was aware of the need for a catchy headline, but unsure as to how to proceed forward as I was running out of inspiration!

    I’ve heard that when you grab a reader’s attention with a catchy headline that they are far more likely to spend time on your site and this is one area where doing your research will certainly pay in its own way.

    I will make sure to return to your site for more inspiration and ideas and would just like to say that it’s great to see a site which covers a wide range of everyday problems we all face.

    Thank you for this 🙂

    1. Even for very experienced writers, to create the perfect headline can sometimes be beyond their reach. In the end, content is what matters and what will bring people back to your site. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this article and comment, thank you Jude!

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