How to set a goal!

Goal Setting


Setting goals are important for your health and well-being

Today I want you to take a look at the direction your life is taking.  Is it going where you want it to go?  These are questions that are good to ask yourself each day so that you can plan for your future.

Often times goals seem like insurmountable obstacles and as if life isn't already hard enough?

This is how I deal with goals and goal setting.  I am not a great one for writing goals down and following through on them but I have found a way that works for me that I wanted to share with you.

One goal will do…

You do not need to write a list of goals.  What you need is one achievable goal that you can do either in one day or one week.  Even if the goal you choose may be long term, don't bog yourself down, just focus on either one hour, one day or one week.

It takes time to build up to dreams.  The time goes quicker than you think and before you know it you will be building your dreams.

You've probably heard of this one before…

S.M.A.R.T. goals:

Specific.  Measurable.  Attainable.  Realistic.  Timely.

This is often quoted at most business meetings and there is a lot of information on the internet about SMART goals.  In the end, it boils down to discipline.

Let us suppose you want to lose weight.  You can read almost anything about weight loss but where do you start?  My suggestion is to start where you are most comfortable and build up to the harder tasks.

Specific would be losing weight, measurable would be 10 lbs, attainable would be you believe you can do this, realistic would be this goal is within your reach, timely would be the time you would need to do this like 10 weeks?

Your first goal might be to reduce the quantity you eat.  Let's say you fill your plate as normal and then take off three or four mouthfuls and put that aside.  The trick is keeping to this for one week and see how that goes.


Do not look for results with a long-term goal when you have only done this for a week.  That is a recipe for disaster.  Here we are making the goal measurable.

Cutting a small amount of food from your plate at every mealtime is attainable.

Are you being realistic, you believe you can do this and are willing to do this.

Timely means you have set a deadline for achieving your goal.  How long you think it would take you to lose 10lbs.

Writing a journal or post…


I have found that if I keep a journal of my goals it makes it a lot easier to keep to this goal.  When I sit down to my computer I write down my list of achievements.  This is easier if you make it a story.  As an example:

Day one:  Today I sat down for breakfast and had my usual toasts, coffee's and porridge then I remembered to take off one piece of toast, took off a couple of spoonfuls of porridge and had one coffee instead of two.  I ate slower than usual because I had less but I wanted it to last.  I hope I don't feel hungry after this, but hey, this is my first day.

This way it doesn't become a tedious ingredient list and makes for interesting reading.  I was going to include something about my dogs to make it more interesting.  It would be good if you made your journal/post interesting for you, add humour or stick a picture of you having this breakfast and put it into your post.

This way of keeping track of your progress should be fun as well as the discipline of losing weight.

Sticking to your goal…

It is not hard to stick to your goal if at the end of the day you celebrate your achievement.  Don't make it food, though, lol !  It could be as little as giving yourself a certificate of achievement (there are plenty you can print off for free on the internet) to going for a walk.  You heard that right, go for a walk.  This may not be high on your list but getting out has many benefits you may be missing out on.

I wish you all the best with your goal setting.  If you have any questions, either comment or send me a PM.


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