How to make money as an affiliate marketer


How do you make money as an affiliate marketer?

Obviously, you will need to have a website built and ready for people to engage with it.  This is so easy in this day and age and you don't have to be an expert.  Most free websites are easy to set up and within minutes you can have a fully functioning website ready for your first customer.

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Think of your website as your shop.  A window if you will.  In the window, you need to have a good presentation so that someone will come into your shop.  You need to have some reviews on products you have tried or at the very least researched thoroughly.

Reviews are your selling points on why someone should buy the particular product you are selling.  The customer needs to know that they can trust you.  Once a customer trusts you they will come back should they be looking for another product.


If you don't stock the products then you need to have some affiliate links on your website.  They might be Amazon or Clickbank.

Once you have signed up and been approved by an affiliate they will then have links on their website which you will copy to your website.

When someone decides that they like the product that you are selling they will click on your affiliate link and be taken to that affiliate, like Amazon for instance.

How long does it take?

I get asked this question a lot.  It is dependent on how many hours you are willing to put in, what kind of niche you have settled on and how quickly you can work through the training.

Once you decide on all of this then it is just a matter of working through your goals.  It might only take 3 months before you start showing some income but it could taka one year to  start making an income.

I wish you all the best as always and your future starts here.

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