How to do content writing

Writing Content
Writing good content is enjoyable if you follow a few of these tips
Writing is your friend

How to do content writing is very important if you want to be
successful online.

Writing good content, like everything else requires practice.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  This is probably the most important thing I can tell you.

Everyone sucks at writing when they first start out, but as you practice, more and more your writing will improve.

Using a spell/grammar checker will help speed the process along. It will improve your writing by following their suggestions.  Although they check your work you will still need to proof your own work for errors.

Where do I start?

Whatever subject you write about (except your own personal experience) you need to research the topic.  This will also boost your writing skills.  By researching your topic you will be exposed to some great thinkers/writers who make a living at their niche.

The more you read the easier it gets to write good material.  Unconsciously and consciously this information will be absorbed by your brain and the next time you write you will see a difference in your writing.

Enjoy your writing

Writing your blog should be an enjoyable experience
Get the most out of your writing

If you find it a chore to write, it is possible that you are not writing about something you are really interested in.  Only write about things that fascinate you.

Also, work out what style of writing you like.  It could be, comedy, drama, facts, tutorials, etc.  Then work on reading the style that interests you.  It will also be beneficial to write (in long hand, using pen and paper) out a story you enjoy, even if it's just a few pages.

This will trigger the dormant creativity in your mind.

If you find this process boring you will need to find out what inspires you and start there.

How long should I write for?

The more writing you do the more creative you get
Write every day to get good at it

How long is a piece of string?  It's like playing the guitar, the longer you play the better you get.

Writing frees the mind.  It's letting your imagination go wild.  Write everything that comes to mind.  The longer you write the more creative you will get.

You may think that you have nothing to write about.  But you will find that your mind is always thinking about something.  It doesn't matter what you are thinking about, what is important is to write your thoughts down.

This will start a chain of events.  First, you might find what you are writing is drivel.  But as you continue to write your mind will come up with different possibilities.

It's a natural progression and will develop over time.

So my answer is, write for at least ten minutes a day (minimum) and don't worry what you are writing about, it's a process.  You are setting up a successful habit which will serve you well.

How should I write?

Your writing will draw your kind of audience
Writing is easier than you think

The way you write will determine the audience you attract to you.

Sometimes I like to write in ‘storyteller mode'.

To give you an idea of what I would write on my blog, for instance, this is on a Steampunk site that I own;

“The following morning I was beguiled by the Palace of Curiosities!  Our hosts entertained and told stories that bent our ears, they had Vincent Van Gogh's other ear!  You could buy fresh tinned Mermaid from Tesco, I believe they are Dolphin safe but I didn't check that out, I'll be sure to ask but they said all questions will be answered 2 days after they have left, so I'll have to get back to you on that one!  There were many wonders to behold!  Apparently, they have a device that generates electricity and they showed us a working light bulb, bringing the sun into your home!  They said that we would have this new fangled technology into every home within the next 100 years……I had to laugh!  Snake oil salesmen!”

Or I will write as though I am talking to a friend;

“Of course I immediately turned back towards the bar and took another swig of beer.  But it made matters worse not better!  What's going on?! I stepped onto the dance floor and lost control and joined these other people who showed absolutely no self-control!”

You can also be factual or write in the third person.  You might also pretend to be someone else in your writing.

Writing is fun!

Writing is so much fun.  You can let your imagination run wild, create so many different experiences for your audience.  You can take people for the ride of their life and they will thank you for it and you can sell products this way too.

If you don't find it fun maybe you have chosen the wrong thing/s to write about.

I would love to hear from you or if there is something you don't understand just shoot me a question.

10 thoughts on “How to do content writing

  1. I think writing content is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

    Even back in my schooldays I was terrible when it came to writing, but in all honesty it was down to laziness too.

    I think what you say is important when you talk about research too.

    If you do your research and understand what it is you are going to be talking about in more depth, then the writing will be easier.

    Now when I have to write anything I just try to keep it simple and have a plan ahead of time of the different areas I need to cover.

    This way I can keep the flow going!

    Picked up some good advice here.



    1. That’s really good that you have found a way that works for you. It is such an essential part of online communication, people want quality and to be informed. We all have something to give.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and giving me some new insights.


  2. I would go as far as saying that I was a terrible writer before I came online to earn some money blogging – and I’m not joking there!
    I knew it was a long shot but I made sure I was comfortable when writing – no matter what the (negative) reaction I would keep on going and releasing blog posts. Turns out that practice really does make perfect – would you say that it’s best to just get out there and write…regardless of your level?

    1. Absolutely, Chris, one should write sooner rather than later. It’s like learning to ride a bike, you’re wobbly at first but then you get momentum.



  3. You are absolutely correct about not writing about the right topic if it is a chore. You know you are on the right topic when you can easily lose hours researching and writing. A really cool motto is… Nothing is work unless you would rather be doing something else. The moment my writing begins to feel forced, I get up and walk away

    1. I love that sentence, “Nothing is work unless you would rather be doing something else”. Thanks so much for taking time out to read my post. Michael.

  4. Hello Michael!

    Thank you so much for making this post.
    I definetely need to improve my writing skills, and this post has gave me an idea on how to improve.
    I really believe writing should be fun and understanding. And being prepared on the topic it makes everything easier.

    Thank you again michael!

    1. I am glad you got something out of my content post. I am sure you will improve your skills, it’s only a matter of practice and finding subjects you love.

      Thanks, Santiago,


  5. Hey Michael.

    I think the most important point you bring up by far (for me anyway) is ‘Enjoy your writing’.

    It is SO much easier to write, especially for extended periods of time, if you enjoy the process. I have a science based website and as a scientist I’ve always found it much easier to write about what I love.

    I suppose enjoying writing is difficult if you have just started out but like you said, practice makes perfect.

    You strike me as a good writer. Loved the article and I bet you enjoyed writing it too – that’s the key!


    1. I have so much fun writing, it’s criminal, lol ! You can take people on so many journeys and play with them. I write about almost anything.

      Thanks for such a great comment, I can imagine you would be very good at this.


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