Happiness: State of mind not a state of money!

If you want to be successful know that happiness is a state of mind not a state of money!

You deserve to be happy…….!

I was born half deaf and I consider that to be a blessing!  Why?  Because when people do not have nice things to say they speak in a deeper more secretive way so I can't make out what they are saying very well.  When they are positive their voices go higher in pitch and they speak more clearly and loudly so I could hear them better!

I have had my share of horrible things happen to me, times when I have been depressed and not able to function!   What I can do for you is show you how to turn bad fortune into good fortune!

Turning bad fortune into good fortune!

Have you thought that you may be listening to the wrong voices in your head?  Those are the ones that may dominate your mind, the ones that tell you how worthless you are, or you are not capable, or you'll never amount to much……but now it's time for a change!

Surround yourself with people who will tell you how great you are.  Praising you for your accomplishments in life and whatever praise you get genuine or false take the praise to heart…believe in those positive comments!  You have a choice….if you tend to believe in the crap that people might say about you, that will erode your confidence and self esteem….so why not believe in the good things that people tell you?  Change the way you listen….only listen for good stuff…being half deaf was to my advantage!  Of most importance is what you tell yourself every single day…make sure it's good stuff, the kind of things you would like other people to tell you…start telling yourself!

One way to inspire yourself is to put a playlist of all the music that inspires you, wants to make you sing or dance – 20 songs should do it!  I have a get up and go playlist and I always play it when life gets to be a bit too much!


Now we come to: Believe in yourself!

Believing in yourself….this is something you have to take with both hands it won't be given to you.  Start with loving yourself wholeheartedly……happiness is all about loving yourself as you are, not as you think other people will like you!  Do not try and fit society's perfect mould, you are perfect as you are!  Whether you achieve your goals or not does not make you a greater or lesser person…you are perfect as you are…enjoy who you are, celebrate who you are!

By loving yourself completely will make it easier for other people to love you….if you are always down on yourself, you not only do you make it hard on yourself but you make it almost impossible for people to love you.  It doesn't matter if you are tall, thin, fat, ugly, beautiful, dim, bright…whatever, these are only attributes and not who you are, society has got it all wrong, you do not have to fit society's or what you think are society's criteria for normal!  We need you as you are, not what you think will please family, friends or society!

Now we come to money!

Money may provide you with a certain level of comfort but it will not provide you with happiness…there are plenty of miserable rich people!

How do you recognise when you are happy?  You may be having your morning coffee…this is a happy moment, having a shower certainly makes me happy!  Recognise all the things that make you happy from watching movies, petting an animal, writing a diary, talking to friends, walking in the park, swimming in the sea….etc, etc.  There are so many things that make you happy….make sure you acknowledge them!

Another way to be happy is do not watch the news (you can't do a thing about what the journalists report!) don't watch violent movies and do not talk ill of anyone or listen to people who do talk badly of someone else.  Walk away from arguments, you have nothing to prove.  If someone is angry with you try to listen to them as if they are talking normally and don't answer, but ask questions, like what is it that has made them angry, how can we fix it and what brought it on…..this is better than shouting back and making it worse for both of you.

Happiness is about recognising when you are happy!

Being happy is not about having a grin from ear to ear…apart from anything else, that is not sustainable or realistic…..

Always surround yourself with things that make you happy and develop the love within you.  You can choose to love yourself or think you are not worth anything to anybody.  Believe it or not those are actual choices, choose the former and let go of the latter.  If you have been having a hard time of life, this will change as you change, but it will take some time….work on it little by little each and every day.  Don't wait any longer…believe it's possible and it soon will be.  Believe first and then you will see it later.

Happiness does not come from external factors like money, praise or achievements…they may make you feel good, but that will only be temporary.  All these things should enrich your life and if you lose them should not take away from your happiness.

“With money you can attack your problems in style!”

Whoever said that didn't have any real problems!  Unhappy people will be unhappy no matter how much they earn.  If you haven't earned the money you will be even more miserable when you lose it all.  Lose it you will because you haven't learnt how to be successful.  Winning the lottery, or an inheritance or a gift will not solve your problems but it will attract a lot of sharks!

If you really want to be successful learn how to earn it!  You can do that here by enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate – just click the banner at the top right and I will meet you on the other side….follow the few instructions to get started (7 days for free) and do the training for a new life………financially.

Learn the lessons in life and soon you will be able to handle more challenges and grow as a person.  You can only make it in life when you solve your challenges.  Do not skip over things and wish things would be better for you….you have to make things better for you!

Lastly:  If being you sucks, try being someone you admire and think how they would solve your problems until you love being you!


2 thoughts on “Happiness: State of mind not a state of money!

  1. I feel a lot happier for reading this, I am so glad i found your site, as you speak a lot of sense.
    To be happy is a state of mind, it starts in your brain and runs through your lifeblood regardless of money or no. It is also a process of realisation that you are indeed happy or not.
    This is my personal understanding of happiness. And I too have been through depression but am out the other side of it now and it has been a bit of a slog.
    With the money thing, I will admit to trying to improve my living and family ease of the situation of living below the breadline which depression and mental health issues can result in. Wealthy Affiliate will become the pieces of the jigsaw I am missing, in time, I guess I have some hard work to put in for now.
    I absolutely know that now I really do deserve to be happy and I am making it happen.

    1. I am glad to hear that you have worked through your depression because I have had personal experience of it through a person I love dearly and it rears up its’ ugly head every now and again! You definitely deserve to be happy and you can achieve it…this something you can work on and it is not dependent on your environment. Thanks for commenting Andi!

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