Don’t worry, be happy!


As humans, we tend to worry far too much.

Foremost are the bills, then family, then work and then friends.  Of course, there are other worries like health, safety, etc  Why is this?

If you worry about bills, this post may help you.
Bills are a fact and you can manage them

Is it because we care or is there something deeper going on?

In my personal opinion, it is the driving force within in us that makes us worry.  We want perfection and we don't seem to be getting there so we worry.

We want to be the best provider, worker, lover, friend etc and when we don't get it we worry.

For some people, their biggest problem is not having enough likes on Facebook or not enough followers on Twitter.

So how do you stop worrying?

First off, these things I have talked about will be with you for life.  So you have to learn how to deal with them so that you can have the life you have always wanted.

You can have all that you want with the right training
The world in the palm of your hand

I know that a lot of people think that having lots of money will solve all their problems.  But there are plenty of people who have pots of money who have committed suicide or have gone too far with drugs.

Being in debt is a lack of financial management (barring tragedies) where there is no plan for finances.  Just spend as you earn.

Managing finances should be everyone's top priority.  All it takes is a little planning.  No matter how much you earn you should always put some money aside.  It's not the amount you put aside it's the habit of doing it.  Having good habits means you are thinking about your future.

Areas where some people could save. If they are overweight, cut back on food and putting aside the money they save from reducing their grocery bill into a savings account. If they smoke, cut back and save this money also.  If they impulse buy, stop!  If they are going out a lot, stop!

Does this mean you will have no lifestyle?

In the beginning, there will be sacrifices.  It's like working out at the gym, it takes time until you will see results but when you keep it up results start to show.  Be patient.

With the right kind of effort you can be successful
You don't have to work like a maniac.

As you become more competent at this you will feel a huge sense of relief.  You will be working towards your own independence.  It may take a few years and if you keep it up you will have a much easier life in the future.  It's like work now, enjoy later.  Rather than enjoy now and pay later and later and later and later.

Do you know the difference between a poor person and a rich person?

A poor person spends and a rich person invests.  It is as simple as that but it takes a lot of discipline.  Like dieting, that takes a huge amount of discipline.

Learn how to invest your money.  When you see a good investment make sure you research it thoroughly before you put any money into it.  If it seems to be too good to be true, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is either a scam or a gamble.

Don't gamble with your hard earned savings, it's not worth it!

When does  happiness come in?

There are many things that will make you happy.  Recognising when you are happy takes some people some time before they understand what happiness is.

It could be a morning coffee on a cold day.  It could be watching a game.  It could be going for a walk.  It could be talking with friends.

What makes happiness mean more is when you recognise it and tell yourself that what you are experiencing is happiness.

Happiness is not grinning like a Cheshire cat nor is it when you win the lotto.  It is about recognising when you are happy and acknowledging that fact.

Happiness is also inside not outside.  You may think that it is because of circumstances in your surroundings, but the truth is, it comes from you being contented with yourself.

How can you be contented?

As I have said previously, acknowledging when you are happy.  The more often you do this the happier you will be and the easier it is to be happy.

We tend to get sidetracked by negativity.  Even if fifty people tell you, you look great, if one person says you don't then there is the tendency to believe that one person and not the other fifty.

But if you start to recognise happiness in yourself you will not take on the negativity as much.  Give it a shot, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To wrap up:

  1. Acknowledge when you are happy.
  2. Have a plan for your finances.
  3. Research every opportunity thoroughly.

There ends the lesson and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.  Don't let negativity guide your life, you are much bigger than that and you deserve the best.  Don't deny yourself of all the good things in life.

Happiness at the push of a button
Time to put a smile back on your dial

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