Day 2, the brain is working!


Today I wanted to run!

Well not really.  I went to bed early so that I would feel like running the next day.  So 8pm I had my head on the pillow and nodded off.  Unfortunately, I woke up at all hours of the night and I said to myself that I would stay in bed and not go out!

I had a phone call at 4.30am!

I had a call at some ungodly hour from America.  Do they not have clocks over there?  You know the ones that tell you the time in other countries.  I think every smartphone can tell you the time on the moon if you asked nicely?

So there goes my idea of getting more sleep.  I did get up and put on my running shoes, my running shirt, and track pants.


I was ready, come what may!

You've heard the expression “rain on your parade…” well, I stepped outside for my run and, yes, it was raining and it looked like that was the order of the day!

Back inside, off with the running togs and snuggle back into bed.  Ahhh!   But as you know, sleep was not forthcoming and I contemplated ringing in sick for work.

Here I am working and it's lunchtime, the sun is out and not a rain cloud in the sky.

I know you are asking the question, do I go for a run now?  I am honestly inspired to go, but I also have work to do.  If I go for a run, I won't be able to finish my work.

What would you do?